About Platinum IDS

Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions (Platinum IDS) is a full service litigation support services provider. We help legal teams power through virtual mountians of complex data, allowing them to focus on whats most important, winning the case. :) We do this through utilization of specialized data management tools and workflows, consulting and through sophisticated management of fast turn, highly complex projects. 

We're consultants. We're project managers. We're data scientists and party people. We're a services company at our core, so our first objective is customer service. Our second objective is to solve the problem. We do that through innovation and quality communication. Finally, we try to find a way to have fun doing it. Fun is a core value that alot of folks in our industry leave on the cutting room floor. Not Platinum. The positive energy that joy brings to a high stress environment is invaluable. It's electrifying and everyone involved is affected. 

In 2001 we set out to build the best overall litigation support solution and we won’t settle for less. Since then, we have been building tools, workflows and winning outcomes for our clients around the country.

From tiny emergency turnaround exhibit services to high volume eDiscovery and data reduction applications, we really cover a lot of ground at Platinum. As a niche technology provider, we understand the value of human wit, combined with powerful, scalable software solutions. When a tool isn’t available to us, we make our own. From #LitSupport project management software to high speed data ingestion and analytic applications, our solutions aren’t limited to the limitations of the industry.

The sky’s the limit, or at least the cloud. : )

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